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The Rinks - Facility COVID Protocols and Policies

The Rinks at Shelton maintains a Protocols and Procedures document and also requires a Waiver be filled out for all participants entering The Rinks.  A link to both of those documents can be found here.


RiverHawks - COVID Protocols and Policies

According to latest CHC policy any RiverHawks player that receives notice from their respective town, school, or team to quarantine for 14 days since last exposure must adhere to that policy. A negative COVID test result will not excuse you from your quarantine. 

As defined by the CDC, Contact Tracing for COVID-19, only individuals who were within 6ft for a cumulative 15 minutes or more over a 24 hour period of the infected individual are recommended to be contacted. Should there be an exposure, RiverHawks players will be notified and provided with the appropriate steps to take. Should you be exposed, please report the exposure immediately to our Health & Safety rep for guidance.

Additionally, per the Governor's Mandate on 11/5/2020 all players and coaches on the ice during games and practices, without exception, must wear a mask. Only masks that attach to the player's head are allowed, masks that attach to the helmet are not yet DPH approved.

Please reach out to our Head of Health & Safety if you have additional questions. As always, these guidelines can be amended by the CT RiverHawks Board as needed based off of State and Federal regulations.

Last updated 2/4/2021.


Special Note on Spit Guards and Masks

At a national meeting of district Referee-in-Chiefs last Thursday night 11/12, it was confirmed that an unapproved spit guard attachment invalidates the HECC certification of a helmet unless it is reviewed and approved by the manufacturer and certified by HECC. As of 11/12 no spit guards were certified, however, since then some now are. Here is the list of approved spit guards, this is an evolving list that may change every few days:

A cloth mask that attaches to the players head (not helmet) is still required even if a splash / spit guard is also used.

Last updated 2/4/2021